Selling Rilakkuma Plush

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here! I have stopped collecting over time and I do hole some of the highly demanded plushes. If you are looking for a specific plush that I have in my collection, feel free to send me an email at rilakkumadreams(at) and let me know which one you’re interested in.

I still get some emails regarding where to find new upcoming plushes. Since I no longer collect, I have not been looking into where to buy Rilakkuma plushes. There are some Japan buyers that can help you buy the plushes or you can buy it directly from San-X and use Tenso as a forwarding service. You can also check Buyee to see if people are auctioning any plushes on there. Please note I am not sponsor by these companies but have used them before.

Year of the Dog

I can’t believe how fast another year is about to go by. It’s been a while since I have updated this blog. I am no longer actively collecting though the only series I collect now is the zodiac series, which comes out every end of the year to celebrate the new incoming zodiac year.

I never had a chance to post but I did end up getting the Year of the Rooster plush that came out last year. San-X just recently released the design for the Year of the Dog plushes and I think it’s very adorable. As an animal lover, these plushies are just right up my alley. As always, I love how they embroider the year on the back of their costumes.


The price will be retailed at 1,900 yen excluding tax. You can order online on San-X official website when it gets released on December 2nd.

Some of my plushies are still on sale! If you’re interested in buying, please send an email to rilakkumadreams (at) gmail (dot) com.


Collection Update and Sale

Sorry for the spam this past week >__< I was finally able to reorganize my Rilakkuma collections and also sorted out the ones I would like to sell.

Rilakkuma plushies in my opinion are hard to display because you cannot stack one in front of another otherwise the ones in the back will be blocked. I had to hunt for small boxes that I can use to stack the plushies on top.

Here is my current collection:


I’m not too happy with my Kiiroitori shelf because it looks like a huge mess… but I do want to be able to see all the Kiiroitoris without blocking any of their faces. I’ll probably reorganize it in the future when I get the Christmas and Year of the Rooster Kiiroitori plush end of this year.




Below are the plushies I would like to sell first. Please note that the prices do not include PayPal fee and shipping. It will be a first come first payment type and prices are in USD.

If you see a plush in my collection that you like, feel free to send me a message about it. I am not willing to part with any of my store anniversary plushes in the photos above (though may considered one for the Skytree Store anniversary one (Watermelon outfit) and will not be parting with any Zodiac Kiiroitoris).

HOROSCOPE ($35 each):
I currenlty have Aries and Capricorn left. I may also consider selling Gemini if someone’s interested though that will be a bit more expensive.



This is a limited edition plush. This plush was released in 2013 I believe. I’m not a big fan of this kind of outfit because it makes Rilakkuma look kind of goofy. I must admit though the color scheme is really pretty and it’s a super cute addition to your Rilakkuma collection.


These are super adorable backpacks for the standard Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma plush. I never used the accessories before because I never got a standard sized Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma. This was part of the Rilaakuloset series.


This was released I believe in 2013 to celebrate the Tokyo’s store 4th anniversary. As mentioned earlier with the Fukuoka store anniversary plush, I’m not a huge fan of this outfit. I wish Korilakkuma was in a poncho. This set is really hard to find now a days since this was a limited edition release.


These towel sets were from the Kiriban prize that was released a few years ago. Each set comes with two designs. I have one Rilakkuma and one Korilakkuma set.


Tea House series

Rilakkuma is coming out with a new ‘tea house’ themed series! This series is set to be release in July (most likely July 9th). I really love how Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma are in a dango outfit.


I’m also surprised that this time they have different keychain plush designs since usually the keychain plush designs were the same as the regular standard sized plush. As usual, the standard sized plush will be sold for 2,200 yen (~$22 USD) and the keychain plush will be sold for 650 yen (~$6.50 USD).

As we all know, San-X loves to release special and limited edition plushes. Below are some of the special edition plushes.


I actually like Kiiroitori in the dango outfit. It definitely goes well with the standard Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plush release where they’re wearing dango outfits as well. The plushes will be retailed at 2,200 yen each (~$22 USD). It’s kind of a bummer that Kiiroitori dango will cost more than the standard Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma dango.


I’m not quite fond of this set since it does’t remind me of the ‘tea house’ theme that much. This set will be sold for 4,500 yen (~$45 USD).  They will also be releasing a cleaning outfit as well for all three of them.


I think the bento box is super cute. It would be super adorable if they made real edible bento boxes with the same designs but I probably wouldn’t be able to eat it because it’d be too adorable. This bento box set will be retailed at 5,000 yen (~$50USD) and it will be limited to one item per customer.


Last but not least, they will be releasing a few smaller plushes. These are about the size of the keychain plushes and will be sold for 600 yen (~$6.00 USD).



Announcement + New Releases!

For those of you that are curious what my current collection looks like, here’s a photo of it (please note two of the plushies have been sold already after taking this photo):


I realized a few of them have been cut off… and please ignore the unaesthetic trash can in the corner.

These past few months have been really chaotic. I have moved to another country for graduate school, hence why I haven’t been able to get my hands on the plushes I intended to sell in the first place. For those that have emailed or commented regarding a certain plush, I have responded you!

As we all know, this year is the year of the Monkey. I have been collecting all the zodiac Kiiroitoris since I started collecting the plushes (so I have the year of the Rabbit till now). Due to being so busy I missed out my chance of snagging the Monkey Kiiroitori and by the time I started actively searching for it, the regular places I usually buy them from are sold out or the prices were extremely high.IMG_8308

I am really happy though that I got super lucky with a bidding and also ended up not having to pay for international shipping!! I forgot to take more photos before having my parents bring it back home when they were visiting.

Also a super non-related Rilakkuma thing. I’ve been collecting ‘Tsum Tsum’ this past year and a half. This is Disney’s not-so-new anymore plush series where each character is made into a small size plush and you stack them! These are a lot more affordable to collect than Rilakkuma plushes (since they retail at $5.99 each now after they increased it by a dollar -__-). Here’s my collection:


You can see my Zodiac Kiiroitoris on the bottom shelf as well! If you collect ‘Tsum Tsum’ please let me know! I’m planning on selling a few of mine as well 😀



This series is coming out this month. It’s such an unique concept (and a lot more sophisticated as well). Some of the items in this series are super adorable! The plushies themselves are also super cute. The Rilakkumas are made out of denim material and make a good present (and it looks expensively made too)!


The plushies come in three sizes. What’s different about these plushies compare to the other ones is that you’re able to make Rilakkuma sit on the table without tipping off. This will make a wonderful piece if you want to display a Rilakkuma plush on your desk or display shelf!


Omg it’s that time again when it’s not one but TWO store anniversaries! In April both the Kobe and Fujimi stores are celebrating their 2nd and 1st year store anniversary! As we know the drill, they always release special plushies to celebrate the store anniversary.

The theme this year (for the store anniversary series) appears to be European themed.

Fujimi (which I sadly didn’t know had a Rilakkuma store since i was MIA), will be celebrating their first anniversary. Rilakkuma’s outfit reminds me of Britain’s army red dress uniform while Korilakkuma’s outfit reminds me of a Scottish uniform. I’m a bit unimpressed that they didn’t give Kiiroitori an uniform and instead put him in a London Double Decker bus.


This set will be on sale April 9th, Saturday. The price of each one is 1580 yen not including tax. Also if you buy over 2,000 yen on the store anniversary day, you will also be awarded with the limited edition novelty pins! There are two designs given out on either April 9th or April 10th!


To be honest, I would prefer the pins over the plushies….

Kobe’s anniversary store design has a similar concept. Rilakkuma’s dress up reminds me of Napoleon, while Korilakkuma reminds me of a ballerina dancing to Swan Lake Ballet (and holding a penguin instead of a swan). I’m once again disappointed with Kiiroitori’s design…


This set goes for 1580 yen (per plush) as well and they’re on sale on April 16th, Saturday. Just like the Fujimi store, if you spend over 2000 yen you will also get a limited edition novelty pin as a gift!



ttl (1)

The final announcement I’m going to make is the sea otter series! Many of you probably already know about this. In May, San-X will be releasing the sea otter theme. The series is super adorable, perfect for those that love sea otters and the marine life!

The plushies are super adorable! I kind of wished Kiiroitori was also in a sea otter outfit though I love his squid outfit (he kind of reminds me of an UFO)!


There will also be a giant sized Rilakkuma (on right) and it seems like there might be 2 designs being released for the bigger size. I’m assuming the other design might be Korilakkuma.

San-X has will also be releasing along with this series a raffle. The prizes in the raffle are pretty cute and I’d be happy with any prize I get if I play the raffle. It costs 556 yen to play for a turn (and I feel like the price went up again for the raffle!).


What do you guys think? Will you be getting any of the new series? Let me know!



UPDATE: Plushes for Sale!

UPDATE: Sorry for everyone who has been emailing me or leaving comments on this blog post. Due to the fact that I have moved I don’t have access to my Rilakkuma plushes though I believe they should arrive back home around June. I have updated what plushies are still available and will slowly contacting people if they’re able to wait till June and give them an estimate of the prices. Thank you for your patiences ❤ 

Also I have created a waitlist for the plushes so that you can see how many people are interested. These are the names of people who contacted me and are interested for the plushes. I will take the list off when I receive payment otherwise feel free to hop onto the list if you’re interested in the plushes. 

I finally had time to go around and post the plushes I want to sell as well as determine their pricing. All transactions are thru PayPal. Prices do not include shipping. International buyers feel free to contact me as well. Please send me the plush you’re interested in buying to

Also I’m open for negotiating. This means if you’re buying more than one plush, I’m willing to give you a discount.

All sales are final. All of my plush are in good conditions. They were not played with. Some of the plushes did not come with a bag.

I’ll be updating later with more Rilakkuma accessories to sell as well 🙂

Rilakkuma Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary 



Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Tokyo 4th Anniversary 



Rilakkuma Horoscope (Taurus, Capricorn, Aries, Gemini, Leo) 




Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Hawaii Special Edition 



Korilakkuma Hawaii 




Lawson Rilakkuma Set 



Rilakkuma 10th Anniversary Plush 



It’s definitely been a while! I haven’t been collecting a lot of Rilakkuma plush this past year because of my school work and finding other new hobbies.

Anyways, as a quick update San-X has released the new cat series that came out already this month!

I think the entire concept is really cute because I personally really like animals!

Since we’re in the month of October, it also means that San-X has released their Halloween series plush that they always do each year! This year I find the designs a lot more cuter than last year’s! I also like how their costumes somehow relate unlike last years. The plushes are the standard size and will be sold 1800 yen each (approximately $18).

San-X has also released a limited edition plush set. The costumes that the three of them are wearing in the plush set somehow reminds me of the past Halloween series outfit that San-X has released before. Doesn’t Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori’s outfit look somewhat similar?

In the month of November, San-X will be releasing two smaller series. They are going to continue to expand the Rilakkuloset~ This time, they include an outfit for Kiiroitori!

The two designs that are made for the standard Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plush are the sailor outfit and the winter outfit.

These two outfits are perfect for preparing your Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma for either Spring/Summer or Winter/Autumn. I really like the float for the sailor theme outfit and I like the little poncho for the winter outfit~

For the medium size Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma, they have created a PJ set that you can change them into when getting ready for the night~I really like how they put Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma’s face on the sides of the top.

Kiiroitori gets his own sailor outfit! The outfit is the same as the small size Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma except this outfit fits only the medium size Kiiroitori~

San-X will also be releasing a knit good series for Rilakkuma and Sumikkogurashi~ All their outfits make me want winter to come early~~~

Sorry for not updating the blog as often as before. I find it really hard to keep track with the new releases that San-X are releasing while trying to keep up with school work. I might be selling a few of my Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma plushs since I have been getting a few emails of certain plushes that people want and I haven’t been having luck finding the same plush they want.

Anyways that’s it for this blog~

❤ Aya

Astronaut Series~~

Hey guys!

Here’s a quick preview of the upcoming series that is coming out in July! San-X website hasn’t released anything about this series yet but there has a been a leak imagine floating around the internet.Image

The upcoming astronaut series is indeed cute, especially how you can take their helmets off~ What do you guys think? Will you be picking one up? I may get kiiroitori from this series just because this series is a pretty neat concept 😛

New Releases~~

I have been super busy this past month and haven’t really have time to update things! I have been seeing many new releases and thought I do a quick post on them 🙂 I will be doing a haul blog towards teh end of November for both October and November~

Sendai Store Anniversary

Once again we hit another store anniversary! This set will be released next week, November 2nd. I think this set is actually pretty adorable, though I just don’t like how it’s smaller than standard sizes.



This is the new series for November. Instead of releasing an entire new set of plushes, they are releasing clothes that you can buy to dress up your standard size small and medium Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushes! The clothing and furnitures you see below are sold on their online store~ They will be out on November 20!

There will also be a few releases that will only be limited to the stores. I really wish they are selling the sheep costume online because I think that one is pretty adorable!



Its the time of the year again where we see the annual Rilakkuma Christmas plush~ I think this year’s idea is pretty cute, though I think I’ll be just getting Kiiroitori for it.

The Christmas hat is also pretty adorable~

The Christmas set this year is once again overpriced and in my opinion a bit small. I have to admit though it’s pretty cute. Sadly I don’t think I will be getting it because of the size.

Future new releases

I found these two photos of new releases that are coming out next year. The first one is an Antarctica themed series, where we see polar bears and penguins. I think the plushes from this series are so cute~~ There will be two sizes released for this series and they will be released in March.

Polar bear

Another series is winter-theme related. We have Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori wearing winter clothes. This series will be perfect if it was released in January or February, when the weather is still chilly!


You have made it to the very end! What do you think of the new releases? I’m pretty much excited for next year and hope they released even better series 🙂

Late September Update~

After I was done with summer session, my parents made a last minute decision to bring me back to Asia… and so I was back in Asia for a week ^^;;

While I was back in Shanghai again, I found out that there’s a Rilakkuma themed Lawson store. If you don’t know yet, Lawson is one of the largest convenience stores in Japan and they slowly (in my opinion) expanded into other countries in the last… decade? I believe in the US only Hawaii has Lawson.

Nevertheless I had to go visit it! The store is pretty cute but I was pretty disappointed to how little the Rilakkuma things they were selling 😦 I thought they would sell plushs from San-X. They did have the ‘Aloha Rilakkuma’ and ‘Which Color Do You Like’ series on displayed though they weren’t for sale.

I ended up picking this really cute lunch box pouch and it was also relatively cheap compare the prices of things sold from San-x!





When I got back to US I finally saw my two huge Rilakkuma XL plushes. They are indeed really big and I’m not use to seeing such big plushes in my room since all the plushes I collect are standard size.


You can get these plushes from claw machines and I believe if you’re in Southern California, you can get these at a Japanese arcade called Round 1.

I really like this set of plushes because of the details and I super adore the little penguin that Korilakkuma is holding!












I also finally got the Kiiroitori from the 10th Anniversary series that came out sooooo long ago! I’m sad how it takes so long for the stores in the US to get the plushes 😦 Nevertheless, the wait was worth it because the plush is really cute!




I can’t wait for October~~ Just in a week we’ll be starting to get the new ‘Happy Natural Time’ series  😀 😀 😀 I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on the plushies that are coming out~!